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We have life saving clubs on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and North Queensland who are looking for volunteers to become life savers on the beach. If you are over 14 and health, please enquire at one of our clubs.

You do not need to be a strong swimmer and all clubs have roles that require no water work such as first aid officer, radio officer, patrol supervisor, trainer and administration.

Life Saving Support Services Inc

ABN 34 100 281 336

An organisation that supports volunteer life saving clubs conducting beach patrol, first aid and rescue services for the community by providing assistance and resources to Clubs which are affiliated with the Royal Life Saving Society.

We were formed in 2015 by a group of club members who wanted to develop and build Royal Life Saving Cubs in Queensland. We provide support to clubs for things such as life saving equipment and supporting patrol operations. These are all with the underlying aim of providing a service to the community service (i.e. a beach surveillance, public first aid and rescue service). We are staffed by volunteers and so we have very little administrations costs, meaning almost all the funds we raise go directly towards our main aim.

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