Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who are you ?

We are an incorporated association (registered in Queensland), whose first objective is:
To support provision of a Life Saving Service, Public First Aid Service, Beach Patrol and Rescue service at places and times as determined by its members.

We aim to do this by providing operational support, administrational support, and financial support (see question below - what sort of work will you do?) to genuine life saving Clubs that are Affiliated with us. We are also Affiliated with The Royal Life Saving Society Qld Inc. We are often asked if we are a Surf Life Saving Club however we are not affiliated with Surf Life Saving although we fulfil a similar role to a Surf Life Saving Branch, but support Royal Life Saving Clubs to provide a service to the community.

Many of our members have over 20 years life saving service experience which allows us to provide valuable advice to Clubs.

Are you registered with the Queensland Government and the ACNC ?

Link to ACNC Charity Register We are registered with the Queensland State Government (Office of Fair Trading) as an Incorporated Association, our registration number is IA 54758. We are also registered with the Australian Business Register and our ABN is 34 100 281 336.

We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Also, we are recognised with the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) meaning donations to us are tax deductible. please click here to check our status on the Australian Business Register.

Please feel free to look us up on those organisations registers to confirm our validity.

Who are your members ?

Most of our members are long term (volunteer) beach patrolling life savers, that wish to contribute to helping the community. We do have some members that have no life saving history, however just have a genuine desire to help the community by volunteering in a support, administrational or other capacity.

All members of an Affiliated Club are entitled to apply for membership as an Affiliate Member with no fee payable to us.

What sort of volunteer work do you do ?

The Services performs (amongst other things) the following roles:

Operational Support
  • Provision of an on-call Operations Support Officer ("OSO") (equivalent to Surf Life Saving Duty Officer) to support beach patrol and rescue services
  • Having a group of volunteers on-call for patrol and rescue
  • Provision of equipment to Affiliated Clubs for use in first aid, patrol and rescue operations
  • Provision of equipment to the Community
  • Provision of volunteer life savers for community safety activities
  • Arranging qualified life savers to be available as an after hours call out service
  • Provision of water safety education and resources to Affiliated Clubs, Schools and the Community
Administrational Support
  • Provision of guidance and advice to Club Officers
  • Creation of policy and procedure to support life saving services
  • Development of training programs for life savers and the community
Other Work
  • Provision of free community education (training courses)
  • Provision of a post critical response team

How do I join ?

If you are a member of an Affiliated Club, come along to one of our meetings or download an Membership Application Form (for a member of an Affiliated Club) and send it to us. We will consider your application and let you know if is approved.

If you are not associated with a Club, please contact us to discuss how you can volunteer.