Our Structure and Committees

Our External Structure

The Service is affiliated with the Royal Life Saving Society and suports life saving clubs to provide community safety services, which includes provision of beach patrols, first aid and rescue service. The diagram to the right show how the service

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Our Internal Structure

1.) Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the strategic direction of the Service in conjunction with its committees and affiliated Clubs. The Board is not the operational division of the service and is designed to include both key stakeholder and independent direction.

2.) Committees
  • Operations Support Committee:

    Consisting of the Operations Support Manager (OSM) who Chairs this committee, all Operations Support Officers (OSO's) and Patrol Captains (PC's) from Affiliated Clubs. The purpose of this committee is to:

    • develop resources, procedures and policies for beach safety
    • provision of a post critical incident response team
    • arranging a group of volunteers on-call for patrol and rescue
    • provision of volunteer life savers for community safety activities
    • arranging qualified life savers to be available as an after hours call out service
    • provision of water safety education and resources to Affiliated Clubs, Schools and the Community

  • Administration Committee:

    Chaired by the Director of Administration (Chair), this committee supports life saving by things such as:

    • Provision of guidance and advice to Club Officers
    • Creation of policy and procedure to support life saving services
    • Development of training programs for life savers and the community

  • Resources Committee:

    This resource committee aims to build:

    • Build the financial resources of the service
    • Provision of equipment to the community and affiliated clubs for use in first aid, patrol and rescue operations
    • Increase and improves the skills of our people resources

  • Community Committee:

    The Community committee aims to service the community with things such as

    • Provision of free community education (training courses)
    • Development of improved ways to service the community and enhance public safety

How the Service is related to the Society and Clubs

The internal structure of the Service, showing the main committees